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A strategic approach to the creation of a design language for Watko, the startup Water Polo brand of Decathlon. In-depth user research, competitor analysis and market evaluation set the foundation for Industrial design, Graphics, Color/Finish/Material and Branding, across both Soft and Hard products.

Water Polo was developed in the mid-nineteenth century in Great Britain, originating as a form of rugby football played in rivers and lakes. The sport has grown into Olympic status and boasts a loyal and strong following, fostering its unique codes, ambience and energy.  It is this uniqueness which provided us with a wealth of creative material, inspired by the ‘Wacky’ history and eccentric personality of the sport, coupled with references to contact sports such as rugby and American Football, we forged a strong and bold visual identity for the brand.   A ‘more is more’ design approach felt completely relevant and quickly references around American Football, Motocross and Graffiti provided the foundation for a host of really fun, bold and outlandish designs.


Working as designers /creative directors for the brand ensured an impactful execution across numerous product lines. We also helped Watko build its brand personality, creating the tagline 'IN WATER POLO WE TRUST'  and WP branding.

We have to pay tribute to the visionary and an innovator WILLIAM WILSON, a London born visionary who invented the sport of Water Polo. Willam Wilson, we salute you!


Decathlon is the world's largest sports retailer, with over 1,500 stores in 49 countries.


Designed in collaboration with Watko

"Max has shown extraordinary creativity and interest in many different projects. His technical skills allowed our final products to be attractive and fast on the market. I will truly recommend his work "

Yannick Rolland

Sport director, Watko / Decathlon


PHOTO    Our Way Studio

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