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our approach

We are a multidisciplinary studio, with a core focus and experience around Product Development and Artistic Direction.


Product Development


From idea to shelf.
Driven by passion and experience.
We are reality makers. 


We specialize in taking products from a seed of an idea into production. We make beautiful products and experiences, designed for the user, that ship, made to the budget, sold in-store and online and stand the test of time. 

We work as external consultants and or part of your team, we are flexible, fun and easy-going. We bring experience and insight to help you succeed. Most of all, we love designing products. Everything we do for our clients is strategic. 

Artistic Direction

Above the noise.

Clear and simple.

Celebrating the brand, the people and the product.

We create content that connects, engages with customers and ultimately sells.   We make it happen, from dream to instore, from Artistic Direction, through to Post-Production. Video/photography that connects, websites that ship and branding that sells, strategically poised content, representing your brand in real-time.

heading to MAYA

Our way with a clear direction

What is 'MAYA'?

MAYA, is the name of one of our co-founders but is also philosophy borrowed from a leading founder of the discipline called industrial design. Raymon Loewy, a French American coined the term “Most advanced Yet Acceptable” (MAYA), he strived to give his users the most advanced design, but not more advanced than what they were able to accept.


MAYA sums up our goals perfectly, it's our compass. We aim for innovation, not for innovation sake, but to deliver a better product or experience.  This set in the context of reality and projects should always be commercially viable solutions, something consumers want to buy and keep.

our offer



Design Strategy

Innovation Workshops


Market Analysis 
Trend Research 
User research 

Industrial Design 

User testing 
Supply resourcing 



Pre Production Production 

Post Production



Website Design
User Interface Design
UX Workflow

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