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We are our way studio. A full-service Product Development and Artistic Direction, forging timeless new products for our clients.

Our fundamental belief is that great design helps businesses grow. We create strategic solutions that help sell products, services and experiences. As a  full service Product Development studio, we offer trend forecasting, user research, industrial design, product design, engineering, and manufacturer sourcing. Furthermore, we build beautiful content in the form of branding, photography, video and graphics, ensuring your offer is retail-ready.

We take ideas from insight to reality.

our history

About Maya

Maya was born in Grenoble, France. 
She received a Diploma in Interior Architecture from Cours Bessil, France and a master’s degree in Technology and communication management from the University IAE, France. She has worked for Horiba, i2a and Decathlon (Tribord / Aqua Fitness ) in France. She has simultaneously freelanced for multiple clients. 
When not taking pictures, she can be found socialising with people around the world

About Max

Max was born in London, England.
He received an Art foundation from the Surrey Institute, UK, a Bachelor of Arts design degree from Kingston University, London in 2004 and a master's degree in Design Products from the Royal College of Art, London, in 2011.  He has worked in house for London Buses (TFL) in the UK, Denso Corporation (Toyota) in Japan, Decathlon in France,  3D KUMO in Spain, Dyson in the UK, and as a consultant at Insight Product Development in the USA. He has simultaneously freelanced for multiple alcohol companies including Bacardi, Grey Goose, Jack Daniels, Chambord, Sagatiba and Tanqueray No.10.  He holds multiple design awards and patents to his name. 
When not obsessing about the latest product idea, he can be found obsessing about the next latest product idea.



reason for existing

Founded on the experience of what it takes to design and develop retail-ready products, Max and Maya formed Our Way Studio.  It was whilst working for Decathlon, the world's largest sports retailer, that the idea for a different product development and brand creation studio under one roof was born by a clear need from in house start-up brands and with the advent of the trend for startup companies proliferation worldwide.

size matters

We are a small studio by design and we like to keep it that way. Our offer is fast and flexible and we pull in additional support when needed, ensuring an agile, high-quality service.

our way

Diversity keeps us fresh. Our multidisciplinary studio is something between a Product Development consultancy and Branding house. Each day is different, we can be found designing robotics for medical manufacture, furnitures for the streets of London, Website for sailing brand, video and photography one day for sports brand, the other for singers, or designing design languages for big companies....


We have worked for the world's largest brands through small start ups.

Truly global design experts. 

More than just designing for it, we have lived it. Our deep understanding of global cultures, brands and markets is forged from living and designing in Japan, USA, UK, Morocco, Spain and France. We think this makes us unique.

team - you and us

We work as external consultants, or deeply integrated into your team, it's all up to you. We look to support you at every level, making your process efficient and successful. 
We are here to help.


We are proud to have a collection of Design Awards, including RedDot Design Award and Good Design Award (Japan). Max has multiple patents to his name.

connect with us

We are open, friendly and positive. We love all things design, so if you need to accelerate a project or discuss a new idea, we are here to help.

companies we work with

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