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Photo/Video production | Summer 2019 collection, Marseille



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Following on from our Decathlon Aquafitness Strategy. We created the shoot for Aquacrosstraining 2019 swimsuit and accessory collection. Aqua Cross Training is a new sports practice which aims to mix the sport of cross fit and Aquafitness.


We secured the ideal location for this exciting new sport and “Le cercle des nageurs'  translated as ‘the circle of swimmers’, was a perfect fit.   An elite swimming pool founded in 1921 ,based in the city of Marseille, is best known for its decorated water polo team and French Olympic swimmers, embodying  all the hallmarks of a great shoot venue. Set at the top of a cliff, its raw brutalist aesthetic spralls the rocky Mediteranian coastline, its swimming history seeped into its sea salt-washed walls.

Working with Gregory Mallet, the French Olympic swimmer, we orchestrated a series of dynamic exercises which showcased the sport's diversity and this translated into an exciting and dynamic shoot.We headed the artistic direction, pre-production, production and post-production.

Pre-production  | Shoot location, casting (Decathlon employees), creating a production team (Cameraman, Photographer, Coach), coordinated on-set planning and organization of photographer/ cameraman/ sportive coach/ models. We organised the set, props, accessories and product management needed for the entire shoot which included storyboard creation. Core to our role was the management of the budget and transport logistics (Research, Location, Location Management, Flights & Hotels, Local Transportation, Shoot Permits, Travel Coordination, food etc).

Production  | Creative direction and production management of the entire team during the shoot.

Post-production  |   Creative direction and management of the entire post-production process, liaison between Cameraman/photographer.

The final deliverable was photography for online and instore. In collaboration with the Aquafitness team.

“Maya has a strong artistic sense, curiosity, tenacity, daring and ability to lead production teams around the project. She demonstrated an ability to manage and keep budgets by always studying the best value / price solutions for each of the projects.”

Nathalie B.

Brand manager / Decathlon Aquafitness



PHOTO    Antonin Grenier

VIDEO   IYE Agency


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