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We give 5% of our studio time to non-government organizations (NGOs), nonprofit organizations (NPOs) and charitable organizations, enabling them to be better through design. To find out if you are eligible please read the description below.   Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

  • B R A N D I D E N T I T Y
    branding Your product is your brand. Commercially and culturally branding is probably the most powerful force made by man on the planet, its been here for centuries, but in the past 30 years it has taken on a whole new meaning and influence on our purchasing decisions. To harness this phenomenon we help companies discover their inner voice and align all things external to this calling. More than a logo, more than a slogan, we help unify all facets of your company into a symbiotic package. From a seed of an idea to the presentation of you to the world. Typical output incorporates product, logo, graphics, print, website, photography and video etc. vision This is where I work with you on a visionary outlook, it can be a 5,10, 20 yrs forecast into the future, of where you want to be and how you get there. It's strategic, but free form constraints, it can be speculative or based on real-world insight, such as market and consumer research. A tool to stay ahead of your competition, a vision to motivate the company, aspirational but realistic. strategy Everything we do is strategic. From Product Development to Artistic Direction our offer is set in the context of what makes best business sense for your brand.
  • P R O D U C T D E V E L O P M E N T
    user research A user-centred design approach is at the heart of what we do, core to this idea is user research. We utilise this to understand user behaviour around a product or service through ethnographic techniques of in-context observation and interviews, to uncover a deep insight into user behaviours and needs. This can occur multiple times within a project, we continually like to test and check with the intended user, whether with rough prototypes or final working prototypes. It's here we get real feedback and test reality against our original hypotheses. trend research Constant tracking and recording of what has passed, what is present and what is the future, helps us and your product or service navigate the ever-shifting landscape. We help some of the biggest brands stay relevant and real. A global approach to trends, specific to your project when needed. We aim for timeless future proof results and that is only achievable through knowledge of past and present, ensuring we headed in the right direction. brief creation We have seen too many mismanaged projects, to let this one slide. At our way studio, we love a good brief. It's an essential ingredient to any successful product development process. The brief is the fundamental grounding tool for all project members. It ensures that shared goals are clear, essentially a kind of road map to ensure we don't all get lost on this beautiful journey. We can help you build a brief that is clear, well thought out and makes sense for your project, ensuring we are all happy with the final arrival point. design management Design as an exceptional discipline and methodological tool to manage the multi-faceted elements of a product development process, it's the experience that we value most to pull together, balance and organises all, the key players and input that make the project happen. Design management is built into every project we undertake. industrial design Industrial design encompasses many skill sets ranging from Strategic design thinking, market research, competitor analysis, sketching, CAD (Class A surfacing), 3D printing, model/maket making, Color/Finish/Material (CMF), Design Documentation and model making. The creative whirlwind at the heart of every great product development process. engineering Engineering can cover some of the following Plastic part design, mechanical engineering, CAD (Solid Modeling/Assemblies), Documentation for Manufacturing. We work with trusted partners to pull in specific engineering skills when needed. prototyping Model making is the heart of every project, learn through building, whether it's in paper, cardboard, blue-foam, product-bashing or 3D printing, we jump early to the physical to test early ideas. We work with trusted partners in the USA,Europe and Asia to build working prototypes, ensuring the highest quality models for testing and product verification. user testing We continually like to test and check with the intended user, whether it be through rough prototypes, aesthetic CMF models, or final working prototypes. It's here before entering the manufacturing stage that fully functional prototypes can weed out any issues. supply sourcing / liaison For the last fifteen years, we built up a wealth of supplier contacts and partners that have proven track records of delivering great results. Whether it's your factories or suppliers, or our recommendation, manufacturing is at the heart of our process. Early alignment with manufacturers and other key suppliers helps ensure a smooth commercialization process, it's also here that innovation and inspiration is more than often found.
  • A R T I S T I C D I R E C T I O N
    artistic direction We deliver a strategic approach to forming the visual style and imagery for your brand. It's here that the ideas are bornbased on the aspiration of the brand and message you want to convey. pre-production We organise everything for you. There is a lot to getting the perfect result. Including shoot location, casting (Professional models, Models scout), creating a production team (Cameraman, Photographers, Coach, Make-up...), coordinated on-set planning and organization of the entire team. We ensure props, accessories and product management needed for the entire shoot which includes storyboard creation. Core to our role we can also manage the budget and transport logistics (Visas, Flights & Hotels, Local Transportation, Location Management, Location, Research, Shoot Permits, Travel Coordination, food etc). production Creative direction and production management of the entire team during the shoot. post-production Creative direction and management of the entire post-production process, liaison between Cameraman/photographers.We ensure a complete seamless handover to you for physical or digital installation.
  • D I G I T A L
    website design We create websites for big brands and small startups, simple, clean and easy to use, we strive to make the message clear. We work with your backend developers or pull in our trusted partners when needed. Scaling up and down when needed. user interface design Digital apps or built in product interfaces. Through prototyping and simulation we ensure we create compelling product and service experiences.
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